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East Anglian packs

The base unit of the Sabbat is the pack. A pack consists of a number of vampires working, existing and acting together. They enforce loyalty using a blood ritual known as the Vaulderie. New packs can be created should the need arise, for instance if many new recruits arrive in the City or if another pack falls in battle.

The Ductus leads the pack. The Priest looks after the spiritual well-being of pack members and is responsible for conducting rituals. A pack can appoint other members for specific tasks.

The Misfits

Based in Norwich

The Reavers

Based in Norwich

Order of the Stake

Based in Norwich

The Honoured Dead

Based … wherever they like

The Establishment

Based in Suffolk

The Aces & Eights

Based in North Lincolnshire

Politics, structure and groups within the Sabbat