The World of Darkness mirrors the real world, but everything is just that more dark, pessimistic and gothic. Norwich is considerably darker than the city we all know and love in reality.

The physical set-up of the city is similar to the real Norwich, although the rich areas and businesses tend to be larger and more impressive, and the poorer areas are more run-down and depressing. Murder and other crimes are commonplace, and, as a result, the exploitative businessmen have plunged more money into more sophisticated security measures. Life is hard, your average joe on the street is paranoid and selfish, and you shouldn’t expect anyone to help you unless there’s something in it for them.

The police can’t eradicate crime and clean up the streets completely, but they are still concerned with public order. Whilst your average beat cop doesn’t carry a sidearm (firearms are still technically illegal in the UK), there are several armed response units in Norwich, and their response is usually rapid and lethal.

A few years ago the Camarilla was defeated and routed from the whole of Norfolk. The city belongs to the Sabbat, and it’s your job to keep it that way and extend your reach further into Camarilla territory.

*You don’t have to be in the Sabbat to be considered our ally, but it helps.

Places of interest

(by no means an exhaustive list)

Thetford Forest

The home of the Werewolves, to the south-west of Norwich. It is not advisable to wander around in the Lupines’ back garden without an invitation.

Police Stations

The Police Chief has lived many human lifespans and knows what we are. We occasionally work with him to preserve the Silence of the Blood.

The Cathedrals

Traditionally not a sensible place for us to be, the churches and cathedrals of Norwich are more off-limits than ever.

The Channel Tunnel

Heavily warded by our enemies, the Channel Tunnel is NOT a safe route to use to reach Europe. Please do not try unless you are confident you can survive the effect of several warding rituals at 50 mph.

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