Differences between worlds

Norwich Sabbat has been running for over a decade and as a result there is a growing list of differences between the game world, real world, and White Wolf sourcebooks.
If you are new to the game, grab a cup of tea and have a read.
This page is a work-in-progress.

The World

Multiple antediluvians have, apparently, been killed. According to Sabbat rumours, which have spread to Anarch and independent groups and have occasionally been whispered in Elysia, the Ventrue, Brujah and Giovanni antediluvians have been put to Final Death.


The United Kingdom

London was largely destroyed by a small nuke several years back. No credible claims for responsibility have been forthcoming and whoever did it remains at large and unknown.
A few years later it was discovered that the radiation levels in the area were significantly lower than predicted and rebuilding efforts have been going for a while.
There was a major reshaping of national infrastructure as building blocks of society moved to various places around the country.

Over a decade ago, eating all forms of pork and bacon, and using any pig-based products rapidly fell out of fashion. Most countries now have laws forbidding the farming, sale, slaughtering and selling of pig meat, but there is no demand.


Due to the situation in London, several large newspapers moved their headquarters to Norwich.

Great Yarmouth received heavy investment from private sources and is now a teeming port.

Thetford Forest is full of werewolves.


There is (still) a bookshop on St Benedict’s Street in Norwich called The Scientific Anglian, rumoured to be the hangout of local mages.

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