Norwich Sabbat

Structure, politics and groups

The Sabbat have a simple power structure. With the exception of Regent, most of these titles are not fixed, and some chose to assume different titles such as Deacon or Father instead of Bishop.

The base unit of the Sabbat is the Pack. A pack consists of a number of vampires working, existing and acting together. They enforce loyalty using a blood ritual known as the Vaulderie. New packs can be created should the need arise, for instance if many new recruits arrive in the City or if another pack falls in battle.

Sect structure


In charge of the entire sect worldwide.

  • Charles Delmare (Charles VI)


Responsible for a large geographic area

  • Ambrosio Luis Monçada, Cardinal of Europe


Archbishops rule a region, or large city.

  • Mike Fitz, Archbishop of East Anglia
  • The Archbishop of Liverpool


Rules a small city, or presides over several packs.

  • Hunter, Bishop of Norwich
  • Gregory Masters, Bishop of Hull
  • Lord Daniel Fitzalen-Howard, Bishop of Lincoln
  • Dingo, Bishop of Nottingham


In charge of a pack.


An advisor, either to an Archbishop, Cardinal or the Regent (or occasionally, lower ranked Cainites). Often, they form a council (plural; Prisci).


Looks after the pack haven.


Bodyguards appointed to bishops or higher.

Pack Priest

Works to maintain the pack’s spiritual well-being and performs rituals.

Groups and organisations within the Sabbat

The Black Hand

A major military force, whose members are scattered across the world in packs. They can be called upon at any time to muster, but don’t remain active for very long. All of its members have a sigil shaped like a crescent moon on their right hand.

The Sabbat Inquisition

As opposed to the normal Inquisition, the Sabbat Inquisition act as the internal police of the Sect. It is their job to root out heretics and infernalists.