Sabbat lore and attitudes

The Sabbat came out of the Anarch Revolt as hard-core anarchs who refused to accept rule under the Elders (who formed the Camarilla). The Sabbat believe their enemy to be the Antediluvians; prophesied to rise during Gehenna and consume all Cainites.

They believe they are working for the first vampire (Caine), and often refer to the Sect as the ‘Sword of Caine’, with other Sabbat Cainites being the ‘Sons and Daughters of Caine’. Furthermore, the Sabbat see the Camarilla as pawns and agents of the Antediluvians, so carry out Holy War against them.

In practice, though, the Elders of the Sabbat aren’t really different to the Elders of the Camarilla, and the two sects are likely just another weapon in the game of the ancients for supremacy. The Camarilla is the largest sect of vampires, has a lot more resources, and many older vampires in its ranks than the Sabbat. In a head-on fight the Camarilla is going to win hands down so the underdog Sabbat have developed various siege strategies, employing guerrilla-style tactics to oppose their enemy.

The Sabbat see the mortal populace as nothing more than walking blood bags, and consider themselves the superior race. Using mortals to get things done is seen as a sign of weakness and may lead to the loss of status in the Sect. With the notable exception of Revenants (special ghouls created by the Tzimisce clan, barely tolerated by the Sect), ghouls are almost never used – some simply laugh at the weak Cainite that relies on the juice bags, others take a harder view; seeing it as a perversion of the blood.

The deviant nature of the Sabbat doesn’t lend itself well to the path of Humanity, although a number of Cainites stay on the path they walked through their mortal years. Other Paths of Enlightenment are very common. Many Cainites lose all traces of humanity at the point of mortal death; from that time on seeing the world in a whole new way.


  • The (remaining) Antediluvians
  • The Camarilla
  • Demons and infernalists

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