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Welcome to the website for Norwich Sabbat, a live roleplaying game based in the ‘Word of Darkness’ setting (aka. One World of Darkness, Old World of Darkness) created by White Wolf Publishing and currently owned by White Wolf Entertainment (a subsidiary of Paradox Interactive).

These rules are adapted from Mind’s Eye Theatre: Laws of the Night, Mind’s Eye Theatre: Laws of the Night Revised by White Wolf Publishing and Laws of the Night: Vampire the Masquerade by By Night Studios, along with a whole host of supplements for both of these game lines and the tabletop Vampire: the Masquerade game.

The ‘World of Darkness’ is much like the modern-day real world, however supernatural creatures such as vampires and werewolves are real and have their own politics, wars and society, all hidden from the unsuspecting masses of humanity.

A distinctive element of the Sabbat is the packs system, which sees you join a team of allies. Each pack has its own identity & areas of expertise, as well as its own agendas.

“Fight the foes no single superhero can withstand.”

At a live game, you act out your character for the duration of the event, with challenges resolved through the time-tested method of ‘rock-paper-scissors’. Games typically involve solving puzzles, investigating supernatural activity, interacting with NPCs and fighting monsters alongside your allies.

Games are held several times a year. No knowledge of the rules or setting is required – nor do you need any costume – simply turn up at a game and get involved!

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