About the game

There is usually someone around at the venue by 7pm. Time-In is around 7:30pm. Games end around 11pm.

If you have any questions or matters that you need to bring to the refs attention please get there a little early.

Games are held at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ.

If you need to stat a new character, please let the refs know that you are coming and turn up half an hour early. The ref statting you will be needed to help run the game, so have a think about what you would like to play in advance as much as possible. Think of names, or else be flippantly named after people the refs know or a nearby object …

The Refs

Leon Jenner – Head Ref
Rachel Page, Paul Tompsett & Ben Pavey – Assistant Refs

For those who are new to live games

Sabbat is a live roleplaying game where the players physically represent (phys-rep) their character’s appearance, actions and speech. Similar to tabletop roleplaying games, but with costumes and less sitting down.

The game is fully non-contact and based around scissors, paper, stone challenges between players and the refs, players vs. monsters or occasionally between players.

The rules may seem complicated at first but you will soon get to grips with the basics and everything else will follow in time as you get used to the system. It is absolutely fine to ask for help during challenges!

If you disagree with a rules call, feel free to discuss it briefly with the refs but keep any non-urgent questions or potentially long debates until after the encounter.

The refs will be present either running the game from an ‘invisible’ position or roleplaying one of the numerous non-player characters (NPCs) that are sent in to interact with the players.

You may be asked by a ref to ‘monster’ at some point during the game; this is to fill roles required for other players to interact with.

Player character sheets should remain private at all times; if you happen to find one that has been dropped, pass it to a ref immediately.

If you have monstered, pass your monster character sheet back to the ref once the scene has ended.

Props and costumes are often used to build atmosphere; if you borrow anything please take care of it and ensure you return it to the owner afterwards.

Before you play

Make sure you bring a pen or pencil for marking changes to your character’s stats on your character sheet during the night; spent blood, willpower, traits etc.

Allow yourself a bit of time before the game to have a look at a copy of the rule book and make some notes as to how your disciplines work on the bottom of your character sheet.

Check out the Code of Milan – the list of principles by which the Sabbat define themselves.

Read a little about the Path you have chosen for your character.

Read about the game setting