Downtime refers to the time between games.
Submitting a downtime means sending an email to the refs in which you detail your character’s exploits in the weeks between the games doing things like learning things and following the plot.

It sometimes takes time to achieve things in downtime. You can use them as an opportunity to work towards a goal such as raising an ability, but depending what you are doing it may take longer than one downtime to achieve.

Backgrounds and downtimes should be emailed to the refs.

In exchange you will receive 1 XP and a reply from the Refs to let you know the outcome of your actions, confirm any XP expenditure and give you any other relevant or useful information they see fit.

A simple downtime template

Downtime for [character name]

XP Spends:

  • A third dot of Brawl ability
  • Level 1 Auspex (Heightened Senses)


  1. I am going to spend time sparring with my packmates to improve my combat skills
  2. I will diablorise the Toreador my pack captured last game
  3. I want to see if I can track the number plate of the car we spotted at our pack meeting using my Police influence (2) and Investigation 4, and then go steal it (Security 3, Stealth 5)

Of course feel free to add as much description and flavour as you like!

While there is no word or action count limit for downtimes, try to be clear and succinct wherever possible. This will help the refs a lot when it comes to responding. Numbering actions helps make sure nothing gets missed.
Including relevant stats such as the level of ability you have or the disciplines you are using is very helpful.

XP or Experience points

Used to advance your character in Sabbat.

  • A character played for the majority of a game will gain 2 XP
  • Submitting a downtime gains your character 1 XP
  • Attending a pack meeting gains your character 1 XP

XP Spend Costs


    • Level 1-5 Abilities / Ability Specialisation: 1 XP
    • Level 6 Abilities: 2 XP

Buy Off Flaw: Double the flaw bonus

Willpower: 3 XP

In-clan costs below. All costs +1 XP if learnt out of clan

  • Basic 3 XP (1-2 dots)
  • Intermediate 6 XP (3-4 dots)
  • Advanced 9 XP (5 dots)
  • Elder* 12 XP (6 dots)
  • Master** 15 XP (7 dots)

*generation 8 and stronger only
**generation 7 and stronger only


  • 1-5 dots: 1 XP
  • 6+ dots: 2 XP


  • Basic 2 XP
  • Intermediate 4 XP
  • Advanced 6 XP


If you write a background for your character and send it to the refs at you will gain 1 XP.

Character Sheets

All existing characters are stored on the ref’s database and you will be provided with a complete character sheet at the beginning of each game, which will reflect any XP expenditure and new stats from the previous downtime.

All starting characters are required to pass the refs a copy of their character sheet after their first game so that they can be logged in the database.

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